Blackheart Man

Blackheart Man is the debut album by Bunny Wailer, originally released on 8 September 1976, in Jamaica on Solomonic Records and internationally on Island Records.


The songs on the album are regarded as the finest written by Bunny Wailer, and explore themes such as repatriation (“Dreamland”), and his arrest for marijuana possession (“Fighting Against Conviction”, originally titled “Battering Down Sentence”). The album features some of Jamaica’s leading musicians and also contributions from Bob Marley and Peter Tosh of The Wailers on backing vocals, and the Wailers rhythm section of Carlton and Aston Barrett on some of the tracks. The origins of the album title goes back to Wailer’s childhood in the Jamaican countryside, where he grew up in the same village as his friend Bob Marley.

Recorded: August 1975, Aquarius Recording Studios, Kingston, Jamaica
Released: September 8, 1976
Genre: Roots Reggae
Length: 45:50
Label: Solomonic, Island
Producer(s): Bunny Wailer

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