The Hague Reggae All Stars – ‘Stop That Train’ Official Music Video

The Hague Reggae All Stars

‘Stop That Train’ Official Music Video

The Hague Reggae All Stars is a collective of renowned musicians who have earned their spurs. Fingahs is a popular Jazz pianist. Riddm is a an inventive Rhythm guitarist. Perc is an excellent percussionist who has a lot of experience with Brazilian music. Big Ben is the steadiest all round award winning Bass player you have ever heard! And off course behind the drums, the founder of The Hague Reggae All Stars, the inimitable STiX Reggae.

Today The Hague Reggae All Stars present a tribute project called “Reggae Cornerstones”, featuring Reggae gems which are important in the development of Reggae, gems of heroes and legends like Bob Marley, Burning Spear, The Abyssinians, Max Romeo, Yellowman, John Holt, Justin Hinds, Sly & Robbie and many others. On this project they worked together with a lot of friends, singers and players like The Jericho Horns, King Size, Apache Nes One, Ronnie Rootz and many others

The first single from the forthcoming album ‘Reggae Cornerstones’ is the song ‘Stop That Train’ which is recorded at with Chris ‘Killah’ Muller & STiX Reggae @ the controls. Artwork by &

Stop That Train was made famous in a Reggae version in the 80`s by Clint Eastwood and General Saint, in the early 70’s it was a Rocksteady hit by Keith & Tex, the riddim also appeared in the film ‘The Harder They Come’ in a toasted version called Draw Your Brakes by Scotty, in the sixties it was a Ska hit by The Spanishtonians.

The roof comes off with this energetic Reggae Army! The Hague Reggae All Stars is a TOP live Reggae experience!

The video contains live footage from gigs in Holland , medio 2015 till march 2016, Filmed @ Reggae Bomb, Pip Den Haag, Zeeheldenfestival Den Haag 2015 , HPC Winterfest 2016.

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