Iba Mahr – ‘Haile’ Official Music Video

Iba Mahr

‘Haile’ Official Music Video

Iba MaHr, the young sensation for authentic Jamaican reggae/ lover’s rock genre. Iba has survived the many dangers and harm of his volatile community through advocating love, peace, righteousness and spiritual consciousness. As his name represent, he is quite humble, and does not let anything or anyone trouble his innate calm. With Rastafari as his inspiration, roots and culture is always what he promotes, along with social commentary and soulful-reggae love songs that speaks out to the hearts of people, those in love or out of love. Iba MaHr’s music ranges from reggae, lovers rock and soulful roots genre. Give heed to the voice, message, and what reggae music has to offer in the future.

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Artist: Iba Mahr
Genre: Reggae
Release Date: February 17, 2015
Label: Conquering Lion Records / VPAL Music


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