IRIE Magazine launches

The inaugural issue of Irie Magazine launched today featuring Reggae Ambassadors, Third World, on the cover in illustrated format. The issue celebrates the bands 40 year presence in the reggae music industry with an in-depth exclusive interview of the founding members, complete with pictures and discography. The inaugural issue includes the last interview given by our bredren, Bunny Rugs. His spirit lives on!

Nicholas Da Silva, founder of ZOOLOOK and creator and publisher of Dread & Alive and Irie Magazine says, “In creating IRIE, it was important to shake things up and do something different. I wanted to create a reggae magazine that educated the reader while offering them stories and music full of inspiration and positive vibes.”

Issue #1 (01-01) of the reggae magazine also features reggae artist Sahra Indio (United States) and interviews with Saki Mafundikwa (Zimbabwe), Aline Duran (Brasil), Rodney Ewing (United States), Leah Rosier (The Netherlands), Balaguero (Chile) and Dr. Paul Shalom Rhodes; Great Huts (Jamaica).

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