Terra Prometida – ‘Vaso de Barro’ Official Music Video

Terra Prometida

‘Vaso de Barro’ Official Music Video

Terra Prometida (Promised Land) was formed in 2001 in Brasilia under the name RastaFire. In 2006, the group decided to strengthen their Brasilian identity and changed their name to Terra Prometida. The group performed in major events and festivals, opening shows for renowned bands and artists such as Big Mountain (USA), The Gladiators (Jamaica), Andrew Tosh (Jamaica), Dezarie (Virgin Islands), MV Bill (RJ), Tom Zé, Blitz, In Jazz (France) and several others.

What makes Terra Prometida innovative and unique is their sound, a mix of different reggae styles fused with Brasilian roots; and their rotation of vocalist in the function of lead and backing vocals.

Terra Prometida collaborates and promotes social change in suburbs such as the projects Estação Central, Seeds of the Future, MUV, Energy and Joy, Semente Prometida, cultural events, Social Living Associations, Congo Nya Institute and others.

In 2009, Terra Prometida competed against 300 other bands at the Popular Music Festival Samambaia-DF and came away victorious, winning two major awards (Best Arrangement and 1st place overall) for their song, ‘Nos Dias de Hoje’.

In 2010 Terra Prometida band released their 1st album entitled ‘Nos Dias de Hoje’ (Now a Days), produced 100% Independently by Unidade 76 Records.

The album features 14 original songs, where the band explores some aspects of Reggae and also other music genres such as R&B and Hip Hop.

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Official Website: Unidade76.com

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Nos Dias de Hoje



Artist: Terra Prometida
Genre: Reggae
Release Date: February 02, 2010
Label: Unidade 76 Records


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